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Sr Kathleen Lyons rc Sr Kathleen Lyons rc

Kathleen Lyons is a Cenacle Sister who has been engaged in retreat work for many years. She was one of the early teachers of the Ignatian Spirituality course, present at its inception and now continues in the role of consulter. Kathleen was also a Psychosynthesis psychotherapist. Her doctorate, 'Mysticism and Narcissism' is an integration of spirituality and psychology.

Revd Andrew Walker Andrew Walker

Andrew Walker was ordained in 1985 and has worked in parish ministry for much of that time as well as being the founder director of the London Centre for Spirituality. He is also a psychosynthesis trained supervisor. His book Journey into Joy is published by SPCK, and On Retreat by Bloomsbury.

First Year

Antonia Lynn: Year Leader Antonia Lynn

Antonia joined the staff of ISC in 2001 after completing the course and has worked on all three years. Her own journey has taken her from Anglican ordained ministry (in parishes and school and hospital Chaplaincy) to life as a Roman Catholic lay person most of whose time is spent giving spiritual direction, 19th Annotation retreats, workshops, etc. and offering supervision as well as teaching on ISC and occasionally elsewhere. Antonia lives in Surrey with her husband and dog; enjoys food and drink (preparing and consuming!), walking, reading and listening to music, and being inspired and energised by looking at beautiful things - in nature, especially where there are sea, sky and birds, as well as in museums, art galleries and more unexpected places. She is interested in exploring the creative, imaginative and non-verbal in her ministry, and is excited by connections between Ignatian, Orthodox and Celtic spirituality.

Revd Bruce Batsone Bruce Batstone

I consider it a great privilege to have been associated with the Course since 2002, and been one of the tutors for the last five years. For the rest of the time I am an Anglican priest, currently based in a parish in Hornsey, a village in North London which nestles between Crouch End, Highgate and Muswell Hill. Part of my work in the London diocese is as one of the Area Advisers for Spirituality and Formation. I’m pleased to be immersed again in the First Year because I can spend some time with the friends in the faith I have gathered along the way: St Francis, St Benedict, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, the Desert Fathers and Mothers. For me the joy of the First Year is its breadth. The wisdom of these great names of the Tradition, and of course that of Ignatius, is as relevant today as ever it was. In addition to the Course I offer ongoing Spiritual Direction and the Exercises, Quiet Days and Individually Guided Retreats. Also I am a West End Theatre chaplain. I am a Companion of Julian of Norwich, a fresh expression of religious life inspired by Julian’s life and writing. When I’m not doing all this I enjoy reading, swimming, gardening, cycling, drinking wine and eating with my friends, and walking my dog Tilly.

Annette KayeAnnette Kaye

My own experience of this course was a joyous opening up of what I understood relationship with God to be, and the Exercises themselves an on-going, life-giving guide to a deepening of that relationship – sometimes painful, always loving. It's a privilege to be part of enabling that same experience for others. Outside the course I accompany people through the Exercises and in ongoing spiritual direction and am on the team of the House of Prayer retreat centre. I am also a Psychosynthesis therapist, which has much resonance with this course, and I balance all this talking with time in my pottery studio. I am mother to two gorgeous young adult daughters and our home resounds to the dramas and joys of their lives – they are my greatest teachers.

Tim Lee: AssistantTim Lee

Coming from an evangelical background I am still discovering new treasures of the inner life of prayer. I offer spiritual direction and help lead weeks of accompanied prayer and quiet days. Since escaping from managing projects, I now 'manage' bees and am in turn 'managed' by my wife. I also preach and lead worship.

Second Year

Sr Kate Stogdon rc: Year Leader Kate Stogdon

I am a Cenacle Sister and live in community in South London. I joined the staff of the second year in 2004 and continue to find working on the course such a life-giving ministry. I particularly enjoy exploring in depth the vision contained in the ‘Spiritual Exercises’ in company with both students and my colleagues. I also teach theology at Education for Parish Service, working in partnership with St Mary’s University College, Twickenham. As part of the Religious Life Institute, based at Heythrop College. I also have the opportunity to teach on the ‘Theology of Religious Life’ M. A. module. My Ignatian roots inform all that I do!

Ellen FarmerEllen Farmer

Ellen first experienced Ignatian prayer in 1991 on a retreat led by the Grail Community. She works as a spiritual director, and in 2007 joined the staff of the Ignatian Spirituality Course. Ellen is married with three grown-up children. She has over 25 years experience of working with adult learners in education and training. She is currently working as the Manager of the Wisdom Centre in Romsey, Hampshire.

Rev. Roger HagonRoger Hagon

Roger completed the ISC in 1993 and has worked for many years as part of the Extended Team at ‘The Centre’ in Edenbridge helping on Weeks of Accompanied Prayer, Quiet Days, Individually Directed Retreats, and is now offering ongoing Spiritual Direction. He is Anglican Vicar of St. Mildred's Church in Addiscombe, a father of four, and enjoys a variety of music. Roger has recently travelled to the Ignatian ‘hot spots’ of Loyola, Pamplona, Manresa, Montserrat and Barcelona.

Aelie Symons: AssistantAelie Symons

I have been working as a Psychosynthesis counsellor and therapist since 1995 and previously in teaching. Two important IGRs led me to seek training at The London Centre for Spirituality. I completed the training in June 2013. This experience along with my 30 day Spiritual Exercises Retreat at St Beuno's in August 2011, has been leading me slowly but surely from a place of over-self-reliance to a greater and more profound reliance on our Divine Therapist! I am married to Gordon. We have four adult children and two grandchildren. I honour them all as they are often the toughest and most brilliant teachers on my spiritual journey!

Third Year

Julian Maddock: Year Leader Julian Maddock

I have worked on the course since 1995. These days I lead the Third Year of the training. I work as a spiritual director, supervisor, facilitator and trainer. I have two daughters, Hannah and Esther. In previous incarnations I have taught chemistry to teenagers, programmed computers, been a verger in a city-centre church, worked as a hospital chaplain, and designed web-sites. My contention is that through kindly attention to the sensations of this body, we can connect to the reality of God at our centre and the centre of life. This is my practice.

Kathleen Hopkins

Judy O'Brien Judy O'Brien

Judy met the exercises in a Week of Accompanied Prayer in 1989. From then her spiritual journey led to participating in the course in 1991. In practicing spiritual direction she encountered psychological blocks in herself and others. Hence the journey into Psychosynthesis leading to an MA in psychosynthesis psychotherapy. She now works as a counsellor in a GP surgery, has a private therapy and spiritual direction practice and has been working on the course since 1999. With family life including 3 grown up children and continuing contact with a teenage foster child this journey is all part of finding God in all things.

Hazel Bradley: AssistantHazel Bradley

Hazel has been a member of L'Arche, communities for people with and without learning disabilities founded by Jean Vanier, for over 30 years, starting in France, then in India and now in South London. In her very first year in L'Arche she was encouraged to have a Jesuit spiritual director. Since then she has done many individually guided retreats, and the 30 day retreat at St Beuno's in 2010. She completed the Ignatian course this year. She gives spiritual direction, is the Faith Life Coordinator for her local L'Arche community and is responsible for international L'Arche celebrations and liturgies. Apart from this she is a storyteller and gives storytelling workshops.


Elizabeth LeMoineElizabeth LeMoine

I am a sculptor and costume maker by training and I provide administrative services to various arts and other small organisations. In 2004 I took up bell ringing, which now occupies a lot of my spare time. I ring regularly at a number of churches in the City and East London, including Stepney where I founded a band of ringers in 2007.


Julian Maddock ( Julian Maddock (see also above)

(Yes, me again.) Once-upon-a-time a computer programmer and systems analyst, I now do a spot of web design, training and computer support to individuals and organisations, especiality to those involved in aspects of spirituality and religion.