Brimming with joy. Profound transformation. Deeply authentic.

These are the three ways in which I would describe my experience on the Ignatian Spirituality Courses (ISC). In a breakneck world of noise and clutter, the courses are a pearl quietly abiding within the London Jesuit Center (LJC) and available around the world on Zoom. I encourage anyone curious about these courses not to pass them by.  

Brimming with joy: The people are a sheer delight, both instructors and students. The diversity of culture, background, and experience provides for a rich shared experience: of laughter, of challenges, of learning, of listening, of grace. In particular, I have found the instructors not only to be deeply qualified and committed to the excellence of the course, but also entirely approachable. None of us is above chuckling at ourselves – often over a Zoom mishap! Each week I look forward to reconnecting with my course fellows and to the sparkles of grace and joy that invariably await.

Profound transformation: I have found the purpose of these courses is not only for me to go through the material, but more importantly, to allow the material go through me. For as much as I have learned an astounding amount from the wealth of class material, the resulting inner journey of transformation is what sets these courses apart.  I expect that is a shared feeling among all participants. Anchored in the genius of the Sp. Exercises, and supported by excellent course instruction, structure, and pedagogy, the materials percolate deeply to anyone open to receive them. The resulting transformation is marked.

Deeply authentic: I enrolled in the courses to improve my skills in Spiritual Accompaniment, which surely has happened. But I find the application of my improved skills, my “mind and strength” if you will, is anchored in the transformation wrought in my “heart and soul”, as previously noted. The instructors operate from the same paradigm. Their exceptional qualifications – in teaching, in the Sp. Exercises, and in a range of associated disciplines – is equaled only by their total commitment to the students.  The result is an educational experience with deeper, more solid roots than any other I have encountered.

All of these blessings are a reflection of Christ, whose presence shines through it all. These courses are a pearl. Don’t miss them.

Chuck Wilson currently serves as the TA for the ISC Introductory Course (2023-24). Previously he was a student on the ISC Enrichment Course (2022-23). Chuck is trained in Spiritual Accompaniment and works for an environmental NGO. He lives in Switzerland.

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