The 3-year Ignatian Spirituality Course (ISC)

How many people are in the group? 

Group sizes vary from year to year but there are usually between 8 and 14 participants.

How much time is required for study outside the course attendance day? 

No extra time is stipulated on a regular basis. Sometimes you will want to do preparatory or follow-up reading. Sometimes you will be working on an assignment or personal review. After spiritual direction practice, you will complete an observer’s feedback sheet to help your fellow-participant.

How long are the assignments?

Tutors offer guidelines about each assignment. Some are more substantial than others, particularly in the Second and Third Years. But ALL assignments relate to your own experience. They are not primarily ‘academic’ assignments; rather, they provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your experience in the light of what you learn on the course. 

How formal are the interviews? 

The interviews are with two tutors, usually including one from the First Year. 

They are a chance for tutors to get to know you a bit, for you to expand on anything you put in your application form, and for you to ask any questions.  They are exploratory and informal. 

How long has the course been running? 

Since the 1980s. There have been changes over the years but the central purpose and prevailing ethos of the course have remained constant. 

If I miss an in-person session, can I catch up by attending the equivalent session online?

Tutors from the ISC Course will be glad to connect with you by phone or email if you have further questions or are wondering about the Course’s suitability for you. Please email Nicola M. for in-person course or Judith for online course.

The 1-year Ignatian Enrichment

How many students are there in a cohort? 

An average year group tends to be 8 participants, maximum 12.

Is this an academic course? 

With the emphasis on practice, Ignatian Enrichment is not an academic course although we suggest weekly reading to support your exploration of the theory of the Exercises.

How long are the assignments?

During the year you will ‘prepare’ 2 or 3 times to take a directee through a particular stage of the Exercises. This might take 1- 2 hours preparation. In the final term you have a longer written assignment on an aspect of Ignatian Discernment, drawing from your own experience, with the emphasis on putting theory into practice.

Can I speak to a tutor before I sign up?

Yes, either come to the Open Afternoon or ask for a tutor to contact you (please see below).

I have taken a break from spiritual direction for personal reasons, can I still join the course?

Yes, Ignatian Enrichment is a perfect way of easing yourself back into direction, and gaining new tools and skills along the way.

I haven’t yet completed the Spiritual Exercises, can I still enrol?

You will need to have at least started the Exercises. Ask to speak with a tutor if in doubt.

Tutors from the IE Course will be glad to connect with you by phone or email if you have further questions or are wondering about the Course’s suitability for you. Please email Nicola.

Hear From Our Students

 Written feedback has been immensely helpful.  The lack of “grading” was freeing, the tutors simply noting the presence or absence of meeting certain requirements.

Jane C, commenting on Yr1 assignments

Creative presentations stimulated my own desire to be more creative in the way I offer spiritual direction … The experiential nature of the course was engrossing and enriching.

Jane T