Locating Sources of Feelings: A Guide to Self-Assessment

Why did I make this particular response to the directee’s remark? What was behind it?

What was I reacting to when making this remark?

Why did I ask that question?

  • Was it really related to helping the directee?
  • Was I merely curious?
  • Was I being judgmental by asking that question?

Did I feel that the directee expected me to have all the answers?

  • Did I respond by being all-wise?

Why did I become so emotionally involved with the directee who felt so unloved and insecure?

  • When and in what ways do I too still feel unloved and unlovable?

Why does it upset me when appointments are broken? Or the directee decides not to work with me.

  • Is it because I am insecure and uncertain about my skills?

In what ways am I using the directee for my own needs or am I letting the directee use me?